Covenant Partnership

Covenant Partnership a formal commitment that you make to the people and leadership of RCC. This communicates your desire to “partner” with RCC in the mission and vision of the church. This is not a club that you join, but it is an organized community of people on mission that you participate with and minister to.

We believe that when someone becomes a Christian, they become a “member” of Christ’s Church (universal church). Therefore, Covenant Partnership has nothing to do with one’s salvation or eternal destiny. But this type of commitment to a biblically organized expression of God’s people (local church) is extremely important to one’s spiritual health. The local church is a God-ordained means of caring for his people, as spiritually gifted ministry takes place among those that are part of the body. Those that are part of the local body must be committed to the mission and vision of the body, or else it will be dysfunctional.

We do not take Covenant Partnership lightly at RCC. The mission that God has given us is huge. It will not only require a Covenant Partnership that has a unified vision, but one that is passionate about its accomplishment. We believe that it will require a lot from our Covenant Partners to glorify God in the work that He has given us to do.

Because Covenant Partnership is so important to us, there is a specific process that we ask of our potential Partners. The purpose of this process is not to push people away, intimidate, or create “hoops” to jump through, but to assemble a Covenant Partnership that is set apart to do God’s work in a way that is both honoring to Him and attractive to the world.

The Process for Covenant Partnership:
  1. Complete the two classes. (Intro and Covenant)
  2. Complete the Covenant Partnership Application.
  3. Interview with a Missional Community Leader and Pastor.
  4. Make your commitment public by being presented and affirmed by the church.
  5. Sign a Partnership Covenant.
  6. Renew Covenant annually.