Worship Ministry

Why we sing

We value congregational singing at RCC. Scripture commands to us to sing to God, our audience of one, as well as to sing one another as an act of proclaiming the gospel to each other. We strive to sing each aspect of the gospel in our worship sets each week - we adore God for who He is, we confess our sins against Him, and we celebrate the freedom we have in the gospel joyfully. We strive to sing both TO God and ABOUT God, and we sing songs that encourage each other in our Christian walks as we lament, praise, commit, reflect, and celebrate what God has done for us! We love songs with beautiful music, diverse styles, and singable melodies, but we primarily choose our songs based on their theological richness and their devotion to the teaching of scripture. Some of our favorite worship songwriters are CityAlight, Sovereign Grace Music, Ghost Ship, Sandra McCracken, Matt Boswell and Matt Papa, and classic hymns.

Listen to our Spotify playlist

We've curated a Spotify playlist of our current rotation of worship songs. You can listen to the playlist right here!