Support our missionaries:

We have missionaries living in a large city in Sub-Saharan Africa, laboring to see the kingdom of God grow. As their sending church, we are uniquely positioned to ensure they are well-supported spiritually and physically. We've made it easy to give to them by providing three simple methods of supporting:
Option 1:   Write a check
The first way you can give is by simply writing a check to Ransomed Community Church. On the memo line, write "McDonalds" so we know to get the funds to the right place. Once you write the check, you can place it in the offering basket on Sunday.
Option 2:   Give online
If you'd like to give right here from our website, simply click here and fill out the form. Under the "Purpose" field, choose "Missions-McDonalds". Once you submit the payment form, we will be able to direct the funds directly to our missionaries.
Option 3:   Text to give
You may also text to give by typing out the amount you'd like to give, then type MCD. Send the text to  (844) 938-0682, and be sure to include MCD after the amount so the funds can be directed properly.